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Big Boats Big Pollution

Big Boats No Pollution in ZFFZ

Nobel prize Salutes Seanergy






The Project SEANERGY Foundation plans to support the development of the Arctic Passage and the Nunavut communities in a profitable and environmentally sound manner and based around two main axis:

A new breed of zero emission maritime transport system
The market value of replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy

Communication and structuring this market opportunity are the preferred means with which the Project SEANERGY Foundation attempts to create the worlds' first Green Industrial Zone.

Basically planning for a better outcome than the current foreseeable scenario.  We propose to deploy first renewable energies present in the Zone such as the 29,500 MW of Tidal Stream Power.  For more reading on the subject we propose these two articles recently posted on our Blog:

The 15 biggest ships pollute as much as all 760 million cars. Seanergy cuts 40% of the fossil fuel currently needed for an Asia-Europe journey by the world biggest boats.

In another post, we cover how intense the currently planned and approved environmental legacy will hit the Arctic and impact climate on all of the Northern Hemisphere.  Here we will explain what rewards can be expected by Carbon Offestting and Compensation Leaders supporting the development of a Zero Fossil Fuel Zone (ZFFZ) in the Arctic. By prioritizing the deployment [...]





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