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Big Boats Big Pollution

Big Boats No Pollution in ZFFZ

Nobel prize Salutes Seanergy



Renewable  Energy________________________


Distribution of mean potential power by regions within Canada

A potential Tidal Current Energy of 42000 MW.*
29595 MW only in Hudson Strait.

map_energySource: Canada Ocean Energy Atlas, May 2006

In comparison, the UK technically extractable tidal stream resource is ~2000 MW ± 30 %, which is roughly 5% of current UK electricity and 18 millions tons of CO2 less per year.
(+ source: carbon trust)

This energy source could power 400 of the world's biggest boats at  the same time or could replace 600 50 MW Nuclear power plants. This huge quantity of energy is as green as green can be.  It is fully renewable; abundant; untapped and located just besides the next continent mankind will start to exploit.  Currently the by default scenario  forecasts that in 10 to 15 years, this energy could be exploited and exported to answer North American energy requirements.

For the best interest of the community and private interests, Project Seanergy proposes that this untapped Energy should be exploited sooner in a sustainable and global approach and dedicated to the needs of a Pollution Free North Pole.

Technology is not an issue and proposal is based on sound environmental and business fundamentals. Everything is there to allow for this to happen.  Except, since nobody is on this ball because this energy has no perceived value yet,  what we recommend might not happen for a long period if ever.

Our team purpose is to ensure to make things evolve so this energy is properly valued and exploited before other non renewable ones. We want to ensure that a Pollution Free North Pole is, at the end of the day and according to best in class practices, the best and only "better business decision".




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