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There are 3 ways to make a donation to the Project SEANERGY Foundation::

1. Payment via PayPal:
Click the blue button below to donate the amount of your choice using PayPal.

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2. Credit card payment via PayPal:
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3. Cheque or money order:
Send your donation to the amount of your choice to: Project Seanergy Foundation inc.

Please drop us a note—or a line—to discuss your support. Anonymous donations are great but, more than money, our team needs all the manpower it can get so we can build the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us via email or phone.

Thank you

Stefan Bumbaru,             Proposer




  Make our goals yours.
Share the load,
Thank you
Sharing information on accessible or available solutions, their benefits and their advantages will end up speeding up their deployment. Communication reveals opportunities, helps create value, rally support and allows to do the right choices from the start.  In order to strengthen our group and voice our message, the Project SEANERGY Foundation is seeking help and support. 

3 easy ways you can build a Pollution Free North Pole:

You can share knowledge: There are many ways to help us sharing knowledge about environment and technologies if you can do so please do click here  to let us know.

You can share talent: Your talents allow you to develop or manage support opportunities for Project Seanergy?  Our revenue sharing program is for you then. click here. 

You can share wealth: If on the other hand, if you share our vision, and are fortunate enough to help us by donating money or resources,  thank you very much for doing so.   Fundraising aim to provide the resources we need to meet our 2011 objective.  (See our budget for details).

Either donate the amount of your choice, opt in one of our inspiring donations theme programs. or follow our presence on ebay.



Remote Presentation of our proposal
Power Breakfast or Lunch ($10/pers min. 20)
                                            (Audio or Video)
Inspiring Theme Based Donation
  • Bus Ride  ($3 means a month 3000 Prius less a year for our children)
  • Burger (14$ means 100,000 donators)
  • Beer and Burger (20$ means 70,000 donators sparing 2 millions  Prius Years)
  • Spare a Tire for Change  (Project Seanergy would be unstoppable if 12,000 of you were to send us the equivalent of the cost of a new spare tire.

  • Trigger the Offset of huge quantities of Co2:
       a billion kilos of Co2:  Donate $ 5,500
       a million Kilos of Co2: Donate $ 555

Rally Donations
  • Green Town Global, a town of carbon offsetting billionnaires
    • 255 citizens, $5,500 each
  • Honorary Founding Member
    • Nominate a reknowned personality for the title of Founding member
  • Honorary Governors
    • We want benefit from a steering conmittee of 14 members.

On line auctions (Governor and Founding Member)

Jack and Mary
Kickoff the  deployment of the 1st Green Industrial Zone
Visit Our Auction for a Governor Seat on eBay


Thank you for your interest in Project Seanergy.
Stefan Bumbaru







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