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There are 3 ways to make a donation to the Project SEANERGY Foundation::

1. Payment via PayPal:
Click the blue button below to donate the amount of your choice using PayPal.

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2. Credit card payment via PayPal:
Click the blue button below to donate the amount of your choice using your credit card via PayPal.



3. Cheque or money order:
Send your donation to the amount of your choice to: Project Seanergy Foundation inc.

Please drop us a note—or a line—to discuss your support. Anonymous donations are great but, more than money, our team needs all the manpower it can get so we can build the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us via email or phone.

Thank you

Stefan Bumbaru,             Proposer



Make our goals yours.
Share the load,
Thank you

You share our vision, and are fortunate enough.  Donating money or resources will be much appreciated and will allow us to focus on finalising our deployment planning and scheduling activities, on communication and on our 2011 event.

Here are some meaninfull and fun programs to inspire your donation


Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter helping both to communicate and to support the Foundation.  $300


As part of an organization, a government or as an individual, donate to Seanergy the equivalent cost of a membership fee.  Ask us for our rates.

Remote Conference Presentation

Working Lunch, Power breakfast or happy Hour
either at a meeting or a social event, we can join in by Skype and explain our proposal our selves to your group.

Let's make it a happening!

Inspiring Theme Based Donations
(see our blog)   

Donate either by proposing a theme to every one or by choosing the one that inspires you the most.

Power hours

Here is a great way to provide funding for our Project and share a meal or a drink with us and at the same time hear our proposal live through video or audio conferencing.
Let's make it a happening!

Beer we work hard and do not mind on Friday to take a fresh beer. 

Incidentally, if 150,000 of you are kind enough to share a beer with us, it would be sufficient to sustain Project Seanergy and would provide us with all the resources needed for our plan presentation in 2011 and some collaborative projects with industries or institutions.

Sushi or Burger 100,000 good burger will calm the hunger of a superbowl crowd. 

If the same crowd in return was kind enough to share  with us each the equivalent of one Burger, it would provide enough resources to build a Pollution Free North Pole.                    

Rally donations (See our Blog)

Green Town Global    the first town exclusive to green billionaires

Citizens of the Earth Unite! Only 255 are needed to deploy Project Seanergy.  Support  our Project with the amount equivalent to triggering the carbon offsetting of more than a Billion Kilo of Co2.  Can Earth's greenest town exist first online?

Honorary Founding Membership

Funds are set aside specifically to support the donation of the Founding Member seat to a renowned public figure or artist proposed and choosen by the public.

Honorary Governor

Donations are set aside specifically to support the donation of a Governor Seat to a renowned public figure or artist.

Exciting Auctions

Jack and Mary
Kickoff the  deployment of the 1st Green Industrial Zone
Visit Our Auction for a Governor Seat on eBay

Overview of the types of donating members we are seeking

                       Be a builder or manage projects
                       Be a provider of ressources
                       Be a funding provider
                       Be an Ambassador
                       Be one of our 14 Governors
                       Be the Founding Member

The Founding Member is a trusted public figure who shares our beliefs and our vision; whose prominence can draw attention to and create interest in the Project; attract potential participants and funding from a wide array of socio-economic sectors, both public and private.  This position could be offered to a public figure and following a specific public donation campaign.

Governors are 14 supportive individuals from across the world.  They are the founding members we seek.  They will compose the initial 2 years Steering Committee.  They or one representative we be closely involved with the Team ground work.

An Ambassador expresses a state declaration of interest in the Project Seanergy and will allow for presence and a voice into building a Pollution Free North Pole !  People of the lands and governements will be able to send private donator to represent them.

Funding providers will finance the Foundation's basic requirements and the first phases of activities.  He could also purchase a position within the Foundation organisational chart and pay its associated wages and travel fees

Thank you for your interest in Project Seanergy.
Stefan Bumbaru

Donor Profile

Jack and Mary

Jack and Mary have never been donating to vague "save the world" programs. But now they found it so easy; dedicated and fun.  Clicking to save  the north pole from pollution really was entertaining and worth it.  Jack remember saying "These guys have all the knowledge to make this work", "let's give them a hand" replied Mary ...Ca Read More...






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