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Big Boats Big Pollution

Big Boats No Pollution in ZFFZ

Nobel prize Salutes Seanergy




______________A five years projectA five years project


We seek to create and communicate this market opportunity, trigger interest, gather commitment and investment from fleet operators, energy producers and maritime service providers.

Three successive strategic phases:

 Communication             2007 - .....
 Preparation                    2009 - 2011
 Deployment                    2012 - 2015

The fundraising campaign supports the creation of the Project SEANERGY Foundation that will deliver the operational support required by the Project Seanergy objectives. Its' role in spearheading the initiative and giving it momentum is fundamental. The Foundation will be capable of focusing, structuring and organizing coherent approaches that will initiate immediate and mid-term actions to support the Projects' stated objectives.


Phase 1 Communication

Deploy and online community of interest demonstrating how to achieve a Pollution Free North Pole.   The fruits of this collaboration will be shared to
  •   collaborative key industrial players; financial markets; institutions and governments
  •   the general public under the form of online activities or docu-tainment content

All this will get the issue properly noticed and will expose that we can do it right from now on and ensure a Pollution Free North Pole.

Phase 2 Preparation

Assessment of the relevant body of work and studies available from the scientific; economic and  institutionnal communities
Establishing a sequence of objective
  • Preparation of policy guidelines
  • Presentation and demonstration of technical solutions
  • Environmental impacts studies
  • Develop Sound business models

The body of work gathered in the preparation phase should be followed-up by engaging key players to committing resources and capital to the actual deployment of the project.

Phase 3

Actual deployment should follow in accordance with the requisites established by the Project Seanergy Foundation in the preparatory phase, and undertaken by enlisted participants within the private and public sectors.






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