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There are 3 ways to make a donation to the Project SEANERGY Foundation::

1. Payment via PayPal:
Click the blue button below to donate the amount of your choice using PayPal.

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2. Credit card payment via PayPal:
Click the blue button below to donate the amount of your choice using your credit card via PayPal.



3. Cheque or money order:
Send your donation to the amount of your choice to: Project Seanergy Foundation inc.

Please drop us a note—or a line—to discuss your support. Anonymous donations are great but, more than money, our team needs all the manpower it can get so we can build the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us via email or phone.

Thank you

Stefan Bumbaru,             Proposer




  Make our goals yours.
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Thank you

In order to communicate and prepare for the deployment of Project Seanergy, the Project Seanergy Foundation has budgeted the following resources:

The funds raised will be allocated in the following order.

  • The first $700,000 is allocated to the Project Searnery Foundation and the steering committee.
  • The next $700,000 is dedicated to projects and prototyping activities proposed by the public.
  • The remaining $3,600,000 to meet the $5 million mark is reserved so the public can to rally and select a Founding member. These funds would be allocated by projects proposed by the member and/or the public

What if a founding member commit itself to the $5 millions auction?
$700,000 will go to the Foundation, $700,000 will go to projects selected by the public the rest will be allocated to projects and ventures proposed by the Founding member, the Steering committee and the Foundation

What if only 10 governors commit?
The other members of the steering committee will be proposed and selected by the community.

Thank you for your interest in the Project Seanergy Foundation.

Stefan Bumbaru




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