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The market value of replacing fossil fuel

Make our goals yours.

Project SEANERGY proposes to use local renewable hydrogen to provide energy in this Arctic Zero Fossil Fuel Zone

The market value of our proposal here at Project Seanergy comes from the fact that without us it costs more now and pollutes more for the inconvenient of our children.   In the Arctic circle, replacing current and forecasted usage of fossil fuel means great savings for communities, industries and maritime activities.

For instance, for operators of big container ships, Arctic' advantages, namely the savings in fuel and time, mean a net gain per crossing of 3 $millions more and 6.7 days less than with the alternate route, in this case Panama. 

Crossing the Arctic without the ZFFZ, the same boat would still benefit from Arctic's advantages but these would be accessible later in time, and it will end up burning fossil fuel (at 200,000$ per day) 60 days more days per year and leave in Arctic the associated 200,000 tons of Co2 they produce yearly.

Thus, for Maritime Operators and Ship Owners alone, the value of the ZFFZ represents :

Direct Value:

  • Avoiding $1 million fuel while being towed each time
  • Earlier access to a high quality level of service
  • Fixed fuel rates over time for the Passages
Indirect Value
  • Savings of $4 miiilon in fuel
  • Gain of 6 more crossings per year
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Avoiding 74%  more pollution per container
  • Sparing $200 per containner
  • Sparing Arctic of 100s of billions tons of Co2
  • Public approval
For the biggest boats presently crossing via the cape routes, the numbers are even more impressive.

Even for industries and communities, avoiding costly fuel increase over time by avoiding burning fossil fuel has a net value.

In our proposal we are trying to synergize existing technologies and human and commercial interests who would pay more and pollute uselessly without Project Seanergy. Value is there for current and coming stakeholders.

Communication will adjust the perception of value.  This in the end will get the resources Project Seanergy needs to enable a Zero Fossil Fuel Zone in Arctic.  




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