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Please drop us a note—or a line—to discuss your support. Anonymous donations are great but, more than money, our team needs all the manpower it can get so we can build the First Industrial Green Zone on Earth.

If you have any questions about donations, please contact us via email or phone.

Thank you

Stefan Bumbaru,             Proposer




Sustained development based on:

Burgers & common sense

Not that we are particularly fond of hamburgers (Well, our copy editor is), but we've called our promotion like this to illustrate how simple it is to act massively and change the outcome of things.

With a proper game plan, massive also means easy. Like your choices.  You can either:
  • park 1 Toyota Prius for more than a thousand years
  • pay us a Burger

They both are good when it comes to the future of our children and the environment.

Be it a burger, sushi, a book, a fill up at the gas station, or any usual gesture that comes to your mind, it means a great deal down the line. If only once you share with us the equivalent of one of your favorite or basic usual gestures, you will help us build a better tomorrow. And that means a great deal to us. As you will see, it only takes small deeds from a few of us to benefit all of us.

Around $14 will get you a burger and a drink in a decent restaurant. Project Seanergy’s proposal states that for the same $14, if you and 99,999 other share a burger with us, we will have sufficient funding to properly introduce our proposal at the upcoming Copenhagen talks on the environment, and rally stakeholders, and present our detailed project plans and participants lists in 2011.

For our children, this means that we avoid more pollution in the air than by parking all the world’s cars for at least 3 years.

Talks alone will neither satisfy your appetite nor give us the benefits of sustained development. Fortunately, there are simple solutions for both, like a burger and Project Seanergy. So if you got a craving for a burger, give us a shout. -)

Burgers for Pure Air ($14)

Bon appetit

the Project SEANERGY team.

P.S. For those of you wondering how come all of this sounds so  simple, here is the Big fine print of our proposal, so it is easy
  • to understand
  • to fix
  • to fit you in the picture 

Roughly avoiding 250 tons of CO2 each time, one bite at a time, here it is:

  • North Pole melts,
  • Boats will come to save money because of shorter distances. 
  • They pollute a lot, and we mean a LOT: like the 15 biggest boats pollute as much as all of our 760 million cars!


  • We propose to team up Maritime interests with the ones of Communities and Industries and use the enormous local renewable source of power to support some of their increasing energy requirements. 
  • Compared to current plans based on fossil fuel or nuclear power, our proposal
  1. Costs less
  2. Offers better safety and quality of service
  3. Gets rid of massive avoidable amounts of pollution in a fragile environment
  4. Creates new sustainable markets, trades and skills
Based on the Arctic renewable energy, servicing 3 boats a day in these conditions will avoid our children as much pollution as parking all of our cars for 3 years over to the next generation.

For the past 2 years, governments and institutions have shown no interest.  Since after all we work for your benefit, Project Seanergy is offered to the public one burger at a time, or whatever it takes. 

Served all dressed, nice and easy for you.

Pass the word

Thank you





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